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Thursday, November 23, 2017

My Finland 100 (7-13)

Finland became an independent state on 6 December 1917. Already there have been numerous events staged throughout the country to celebrate this centenary year. The theme of the centenary year is ‘Together’. 

As I have been a resident of Finland for the past ten years I wanted to do a little something. For this I decided to post 100 images to my Instagram account on social media with the hashtag #finland100_igchallenge .

Anyone familiar with the Instagram application will be aware of the vast amount of wonderful photography posted every day online. There are so many amazing images to be found featuring Finland's stunning nature and landscapes. I imagine my photography may be lacklustre in comparison and as a result may not be noticed. So I decided to simply look closer in and around my new home for another approach. I have posted a variety of images found around my own house and neighbourhood. I didn't know much about Finland before I moved here, so I view this as an opportunity to show others a few things I discovered about or associated with Finland and it's culture. I have included everyday items, nostalgic items, locations, food and also some Finnish-themed artworks which I painted myself while living here. In other words, a bit of everything!!

The images are in no particular order of importance or preference, here is number 7 to number 13 ...


Yum! Finnish pea-soup isn't just for Thursdays!! 😘

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...'got a soft spot for this old Finnish band despite not understanding most of their songs. Nice melodies and compositions! 

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..clouds and rain today in Finland, so posting a sunny painting of a red house to brighten up my Instagram! It's called 'The Red House in Finland'.

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....driving home on a lazy Sunday afternoon!

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Moomin troll is off on a trip today!

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So up goes the big midsummer pole in Bromarf and midsummer (Juhannus/Midsommar) celebrations can begin. 


Midnight photoshot, well 12.15am to be precise. 'Could be a bit warmer though, had to wear long trousers tonight!

More of my Finland 100 coming soon, but for now I want to share this video I found online which asks the question "What do Finns think about the Finland 100 Years of Independence?" 

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